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About Edisto Island

South Carolina is clearly one of the most gifted coastlines in the world, blessed with beautiful islands and beaches that dot the stretch of this wonderful state. One such island that has become a haven for laidback seaside living is Edisto Island, located in Charleston county. The island is a good half hour drive or less from coastal Highway 174, and opens up after one reaches the McKinley Washington Junior Bridge.

Aside from the endowments of the sea on both the environment and the people's way of living, island communities hold a unique charm all their own, and for Edisto Island, it is their famous antebellum plantation estates that were a legacy of the English and Spanish settlers who populated the island from 1500s to 1790s.

These plantations produced rice, indigo and the famed Edisto Sea Island Cotton, which ranked among the list of finest cottons in the world and accounted for the affluence of early Edisto Island residents. Both the plantations and their private home estates are now declared as historical sites by the National Register of Historic Places.

Edisto Island is one of the very few surviving unspoiled beach communities in the United States. As such, an Edisto Island vacation is the perfect choice for those who want to experience raw beach living at its best. The island is characterized by the absence of commercial frills that have entrapped other vacation beach resorts.

The atmosphere is casual, relaxed and low profile, thanks to its refreshing beauty coupled with the island hospitality of its less than 3,000 residents ready to welcome just about anyone with their warm smiles and enthusiastic offers of friendship.

With all its down-to-earth ambiance, an Edisto Island vacation is perfect for families for meaningful bonding moments, couples renewing their spiritual ties, as well as any individual looking to refresh body, soul and mind with the raw beauty of nature and the unspoiled, back-to-basics lifestyle as their backdrop.

Both seasoned island travelers and locales agree that the best things to do in an Edisto Island vacation are those that require nothing at all in terms of expense or frills - plain relaxing in the marina with views of colorful boats and ships, hours of beach walking, biking or leisurely driving along the oak roads, nature trekking, fishing and crabbing.

An Edisto Island vacation can be enjoyed year-round, not just in the summers, as the weather is temperate for the most part of the year which makes for a busy yet comfortable outdoor recreation.

Useful Information:

Edisto Island's zip code is 29438.
The area code for Edisto Island is 843.
The time zone is Eastern Standard Time.
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