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Edisto River

Located in South Carolina, the Edisto River is one of the most unique waterways in the world. It is the longest undammed or free flowing "black water" river, and takes up twelve counties in the state. It is the longest and the largest river completely within the borders of South Carolina.

The most interesting part of the Edisto River comes to fruition near Edisto Island. The consistent yet peaceful current makes it perfect for wildlife and for paddling enthusiasts. Floating the Edisto River will show you banks filled with live oaks, Spanish moss and many forms of wildlife. Go in search of deer, otters, turtles, alligators, many types of birds and other forms of wildlife.

Canoe or Kayak? One day trip or camp overnight? The Edisto River and the guides that serve it can and will provide a solution that leaves you and your family wanting more. A rewarding experience awaits.
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