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Edisto Island Hotels

Whether it's in a tent on the beach, a cabin overlooking the marsh or one of the many homes on Edisto Beach, there's a place for everyone who visits Edisto Island. But one thing visitors won't find on Edisto Island is a hotel. This barrier island less than an hour south of Charleston is the home of a family-oriented and non-commercialized vacation destination loved best for its simplicity.

Edisto locals make a point to tell guests there are no stoplights, no strip malls, no fast food joints - there's nothing to deflect from the nature beauty of the barrier island. While the modern conveniences exist for its residents and vacationers, coming to Edisto means learning to live life at a slower pace and getting back to the basics.

To get into the swing of the "Edislow" way of life, vacationers have an ample choice of where to stay.

Edisto Hotels Some of Edisto's well-seasoned vacationers still call the hodge-podge of homes dotting Edisto Beach "cottages," a term referring to what the houses were like as far back as the mid 20th century. Back then, air conditioning came only from ocean breezes and the layout of the houses was simple. But "cottage" doesn't do justice to many of the vacation rental homes now.

While some of the homes are still simple relics of a previous time, others stand grandly on the beach with the Atlantic Ocean as their back drop. To stay in any of these homes or the thousands of others, there are several rental agencies in the area ready to help guests plan their vacations. The only things for vacationers to decide are where to stay, what to pay and when to go. Prices are different depending on the rental season, mid-June to mid-August fall under the high season and attract the highest rates.
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