Stacy Howell Photography

There is no bigger day. As a photographer, there is no bigger honor. Countless subtle things happen amidst the crowd of friends and family, all tiny moments that add up to something grand. Frequently, I hear from brides and grooms, when we speak weeks after, that the whole day was a blur. That’s what emotions sometimes do. But, there is beauty in there, and that’s my job, start to finish, is to transfer the wonder of your day into my photographs.

I’ll move with it. I’ll document, capture, interact, witness and ultimately frame it for you in anthology form. As it unfolds you’ll see and interact with me as much as you like. I’ll get to know you and your family, your personality, I’ll be involved and I’ll be a guest. Above all, I will always be near, moving with your emotions, walking the thin line of spontaneity.

What an honor that is.

My goal is to produce photos that will bring you happy chills, make you squeal with excitement & do a little dance in your living room every time you see them… photos capturing moments that will become your cherished memories

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